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Enterprise Grade

Power Measurement

& Load Control for IIoT



Kortek builds commercial grade power measurement, monitoring and load control hardware for collecting data and actioning commands in connected cloud environments. Our endpoints are industrially hardened and include the enterprise systems, intelligence and accuracy to excel in critical applications where reliability is paramount. We have rigorously developed, tested and refined our technologies to create turnkey products for building secure, infrastructure scale networks.

Multi-Threaded Watchdog


Robust Industrial Controls


Kortek has leveraged its unique experience in industrial control systems and M2M communications to design a range of highly sophisticated connected load control and power measurement devices. These devices combine industrial reliability with IoT scalability to create resilient and intelligent endpoints that can seamlessly integrate and evolve with current and emerging cloud platforms. Our range of operationally efficient products provide connectivity, automation, power metric and edge computing capabilities well beyond other digital or electro-mechanical solutions.  

Cloud Agnostic Communications

Kortek's hardware is totally cloud agnostic for unparalleled configurability and redundancy. Through an embedded protocol-neutral interface, customers can integrate Kortek endpoints into their chosen cloud with the ability to pivot into new or emerging platforms at will. Administrators have complete control over protocol implementations and can seamlessly manage their own communication stacks at a hardware level. This not only provides an innovative new mechanism for connecting to preferred cloud platforms, it also lets customers create their own independent hooks for other Business Management Systems and corporate apps.


Advanced Features

Programmable Load Control

ANSI 12.20 C0.2 Power Measurement

Supercapacitor Reserve

Industrial RTOS

Secure OTA

Encrypted Communications

Cloud Agnostic Protocol Engine

Protected File System

Multi-Threaded Watchdog

Cortex M4 MCU


Enterprise IIoT Gateway

Zero Crossing Power Management

WiFi and LTE Cellular Transports

Enterprise Security

Programmable Edge Logic

Automation Timers

Embedded Location

Various Physical Configurations (IP66 and DIN)



Demand response and peak load smoothing

Critical appliance protection and monitoring

Commercial / industrial process control and automation

Building automation

Predictive analytics and maintenance

Granular cost tracking including sub-metering and facility management

Energy audit and compliance

Indoor and outdoor public and common area lighting

Motor, compressor and pump monitoring and control

Shutter, blind and gate control




Kortek’s products can be used to comprehensively implement demand side solutions as part of a connected and responsive grid. Our technologies enable appliance level measurement and control through a highly efficient and scalable architecture that can unlock various commercial and competitive trading, tariff and hedging business models across multiple stakeholders. Kortek’s technologies can be used to demand response enable a broad range of common appliances such as HVAC, hot water, compressors, pumps and solar PV, accurately measuring instantaneous power in real time and selectively managing load as an integral part of any demand response network.



Kortek's products can quickly and easily convert electrical appliances into intelligent connected endpoints by cost effectively replacing a number of expensive and disparate legacy power measurement, load control and communication devices. Appliances can then natively exchange actionable information with smart devices, apps, business software and the cloud. Kortek’s solutions significantly reduce the cost and complexity of connecting electrical assets, making it substantially more viable to track and control a broader range of appliances across a larger range of applications.



Kortek Industries has over 42 years experience in creating disruptive solutions for major global brands and a proven history in the complete turnkey development and mass production of complex electronics and supporting ecosystems in industrial, commercial, enterprise, banking, military and consumer markets.

Leveraging emerging technologies to create substantial new platforms, Kortek has an expansive international network of partners and closely collaborates with some of the world's most innovative technology companies. Always at the cutting edge, Kortek's unique knowledge, vision, and astute ability to deliver disruptive solutions has built a foundation of success and direction for the future.



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